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Neara has created software that allows energy utilities and engineers to efficiently and easily create intelligent power line designs. These cloud-based 3D models can be auto-generated from existing data, such as LiDAR or GIS.

The software offers users the ability to test their models against a variety of scenarios - the software will highlight or generate reports on areas of weakness or failures, such as vegetation encroachment or structural utilization.


The modeling software is intuitive, editable, and at scale - so it provides an efficient and cost-effective way to test the viability of any number of potential solutions.

Neara enables energy utilities to use their existing data to prepare their grids for the future. Their data can be used to automatically create highly accurate 3D network designs, from their entire grid right down to each individual pole. 

As winners of the Finder's Award Best Tech Innovation of 2020, here's what industry experts had to say about Neara:

‘Neara's digital twin system for utility is an excellent example of bringing digital transformation into the physical world.'

With highly customized services to fit your specific utility case requirements, Nearao can improve things from operations, wildfire and storm risk mitigation, maintenance to internal and external communication, and much more. 


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