How an Australian Utility used Power Lines Pro to identify & rectify extreme weather network risks at a fraction of their projected project budget.


Australian Utility committed to the regulator to identify and mitigate the risk of conductor slapping.

A conductor slap occurs when line conductors touch together creating a high-energy arc and ejecting hot metal particles capable of starting fires. 


Using PLP Analytics, the Utility was able to accurately determine risk by simulating phase spacings, span lengths, and conductor sag under various operating conditions, automatically and at scale. 

Conductor slap is a function of the fault current, fault duration, phase spacings, span lengths, and conductor sag, which can be calculated accurately using PLP.


The following are realized results, not projected figures:

  • 5 - 10x cheaper than manual surveys
  • Prioritized network risk using a data-driven approach
  • Ability to make asset management decisions that directly impact the capital investment portfolio

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