A bridge between the virtual and the physical worlds.

What is digital twin technology?

A digital twin is a virtual model of a physical asset and provides a way to conduct simulations around the physical asset.

This bridge between virtual and physical enables analysis, decision-making, and action to head off problems, plan for the future and innovate processes.

How does it work? By synchronizing data from a variety of systems, then applying algorithms that predict the behavior of the assets. These algorithms become more intelligent over time as more data is gathered.


What does digital twin technology mean for the energy sector?

From rises in distributed generation to shifting consumer demand to variations in population growth rates and regulatory policies, as well as emerging technology advancements like electric vehicles, the energy sector is facing big changes.

Digital twin technology’s abilities to model the impacts of these changes on an accurate, evolving virtual network is the key to agile, meaningful decision-making ahead of these changes.

But with siloed, untrustworthy data and deep-rooted processes, how can utilities adapt efficiently and effectively?

De-risk your Digital Twin Journey

​PLP Analytics takes an agile, incremental approach to building a digital twin - no disruption to existing processes, and providing value at all stages of adoption. A typical incremental implementation consists of the following stages.

Learn how you can use PLP Analytics to innovate ahead of the game.

  • Integrate your data, from survey and GIS to LiDAR, to rapidly bootstrap an accurate model your entire network in the cloud - accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • Empower designers to model with precision using PLP Designer.
  • Streamline operations across design, construction, maintenance, and asset management teams by sharing a single source of truth.
  • Enable analytics at scale and transform insights into action.

If you have any questions about digital twins, LiDAR, or are interested in trialing Power Lines Pro, we’d be happy to discuss your specific use case and get you started on our 14 day free trial - contact us via info@powerlinespro.com