"Essential Energy's Angelo Fiumara has been awarded an Australian Engineering Excellence Award from the Newcastle division of Engineers Australia in recognition of his ingenuity and inventiveness in creating a 3D digital twin of the electricity network.

Executive manager of engineering, David Salisbury, says that the reward is well deserved." - Irrigator

"Angelo pioneered Essential Energy’s creation of digital twin objects from LiDAR data (highly accurate laser measurements) within PLP and has worked collaboratively with the company to automatically create digital twin 'virtual objects' of power poles, cross arms and conductors of our existing overhead network asset base from the data."

"For Essential Energy, the network design capabilities within PLP are able to be applied to these objects to assess design compliance. As a result, Essential Energy is able to produce and certify more efficient, consistent and higher-quality designs."

"Initial uses include the transitioning of 2D drawings to 3D auto-generated digital models. When applied across the network, the digital twin will impact strategic investment decisions. Additionally, large scale assessments can be performed efficiently to provide insights that have not been possible in the past." - Essential Energy

We at Power Lines Pro would like to congratulate our client, Essential Energy, who has won the 2020 Australian Engineering Excellence Award Newcastle Division.

We are proud to have supported their team in pioneering the transition from 2D drawings to auto-modeling in 3D for certified design.

After extensive collaboration with Essential Energy and the Power Lines Pro teams, we are so pleased that their hard work has been recognized with such a prestigious award. A big congratulations to their team, we look forward to working with Essential Energy to even greater success.

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