In the 2019/20 period, we introduced new innovative technological capabilities to the functionality of our platform in response to the devastating Australian bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic. These innovations helped to prevent power outages in rural Australian communities, reduced danger from damaged infrastructure, and gave businesses the ability to work remotely yet collaboratively during social distancing. Now, we are proud to announce that these developments have won “Best Tech Innovation of 2020” at the Finder Awards!

Innovations like those implemented by Neara will become increasingly vital for energy utilities as climate change continues to bring unpredictable circumstances. The judging panel had to say this:

"Power Lines Pro's digital twin system for utility is an excellent example of bringing digital transformation into the physical world. With natural disasters expected to rise in frequency and severity, this kind of innovation will deliver significant benefits to Australia."

Prior to these developments, utility field resources would have to visit a site, perform an assessment of the assets, surroundings, and conditions, before either leaving it untouched or performing a basic rectification to be improved upon at a later stage. They would then return to their office to engineer a solution, undergo a formal engineering review process, before finally returning to the site and executing the new design they had created, oftentimes weeks later. 

The innovation of instant model generation was a significant step forward that enabled Australian utilities to model their solution with engineering grade accuracy and extensive analysis capabilities in the field, saving repeat trips over time. Following the success of adding this innovation to our design and analysis platform, we upscaled our capabilities again for cloud-based team modelling in response to the pandemic. Teams could then see all of the designs on their personal devices at home, which enabled remote working and the ability to manage projects in a cloud collaborative environment, without compromising on analysis and modelling capabilities. These innovations also proved critical during the 2020 bushfire season, enabling utilities to improve their risk identification that minimised the inconsistency of power delivery. 

To quantify the success of these innovations further, a utility client of Neara reported 3000 fewer site visits over the course of a year, leading to operational savings of approximately $3-5 million. The client also reported a 10x faster turnaround time on structural analysis. 

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