Delivering 98% classification accuracy and 30x faster point cloud classification and processing.

One of the largest geospatial solutions and construction services providers in the United States approached Neara to enhance their point cloud capabilities. 

Geospatial companies compete on the cost, speed, and accuracy of data processing and delivery. To maintain a competitive advantage, they must remain ahead of hardware and software evolution curves, particularly regarding feature extraction and classification capabilities.

The Geospatial company’s existing software solution was inaccurate and inefficient in point cloud data processing and classification. The client had to manually correct up to 80% of their point cloud dataset classifications. The workflow was unscalable, with each mile of point cloud averaging 30 hours to classify. 

These inefficiencies created multiple constraints, including:

  • Delayed project delivery,
  • Avoidable manual labor costs, and
  • Poor headcount utilization

Neara Point Cloud is an end-to-end solution for point cloud data, all on one intelligent platform. Our software is purpose-built for utilities to simplify and streamline all stages of geospatial data processing. 

Neara Point Cloud leverages advanced machine learning techniques to detect patterns and extract features automatically. Our secure, cloud-based software has trained thousands of terabytes of data across the globe and has a track record of delivering 98% classification accuracy.

Using Neara Point Cloud, the client was able to automate their point cloud processing and classification workflow at a whole-of-network scale.

Delivery Process
The Geospatial company uploaded 30 miles of LiDAR data, which was automatically processed and classified within 27 minutes. 

Once classified, they were able to extract the following features:

  1. Ground
  2. Vegetation
  3. Building
  4. Poles
  5. Conductors
  6. Road

The client achieved 98% classification accuracy and expedited their point cloud classification and processing workflow by 30x, dramatically enhancing the scale of their business processes and customer delivery capabilities.

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