Power Lines Pro Designer is widely used as an Overhead Line Design solution for utilities and contractors servicing this industry. The PLP Designer platform provides designers with a suite of tools and functionalities that empower teams throughout every stage of the project lifecycle. This functionality includes full structural analysis (including finite element analysis) of the overhead infrastructure required to model for design.

Project Scoping (Feasibility Study)

Power Lines Pro allows users to rapidly assess the feasibility and cost of their different project scopes through the following:

  • Powerful 3D visualization empowers users with a contextual understanding of nearby structures, environments, and terrain.
  • Seamless integration with Google Maps for overlaying images and Google Earth for instant elevation data allows users to model the real world within a few clicks.
  • Simple design tools allow users to place constructions at scale with precision.
  • Automated bill of materials export allowing designers to cost and compare different routes.

Existing Network Modelling

Power Lines Pro automates the process of modeling the existing network when given the correct data:

  • Power Lines Pro accepts DXF, CSV, LAS, KML, and many more format types - and can automatically model poles, conductors, and the ground profile.
  • PLP allows users to automatically calculate the sag and tension of conductors by snapping it to survey points.
  • Flexible construction, pole and conductor builder enables users to model complex structures.

New Network Modelling and Validation

Power Lines Pro empowers users to make intelligent changes to their model through dynamic analytic tools:

  • Power Lines Pro can calculate and represent the tipload utilization of all constructions in a 3D model - allowing users to identify the faults and validate their design.
  • Dynamic ground clearance and conductor clearance tools enable users to ensure that their design keeps within clearance requirements to any point of interest, from vegetation to roads.
  • Custom reports can be created to show any type of data required, from the utilization of the kingbolts to the characteristics of the stays attached to each poles.

If you have any questions about how to optimize your operations or are interested in trialing Power Lines Pro, we’d be happy to discuss your specific use case and get you started on our 14 day free trial - contact us via info@powerlinespro.com