How ArconaTech used Power Lines Pro to streamline their design process, reaching a 200% faster output rate and increased design accuracy.

As the needs and technological capabilities of the energy utility industry advance, many businesses have begun to identify regular inefficiencies within their processes that are limiting their potential.

One example is being required to complete, finalise and export designs with 2-Dimensional legacy software. Designers would have to go back and forth between surveyors and council to create reiterations of the same design plan in order to correct faults or violations. Such issues incur unfavourable costs as valuable time and resources are expended on ineffective processes.

Note that designers can overcome these issues by using 3-Dimensional design software that models both constructions and it’s surrounding environment (vegetation and obstructions) to provide complete design awareness.

ArconaTech Recognizes Inefficiency

ArconaTech recognised how their outdated design processes were negatively affecting their business. ArconaTech worked with clients for 10 years across many sectors, including Defence, Health, and Commercial/Residential developers. ArconaTech used legacy software that could only create 2D models. Most notable issues that the team had to endure are as follows.

Legacy software could not simultaneously test designs under different environments. This meant that engineers had to iterate and recreate models to ensure that their designs satisfied requirements under different environmental conditions and scenarios.

For example, a design may stand within requirements for a hot-bare/ins scenario but fail to meet requirements when simulated against a max-wind conditions. This meant that a designer would spend countless hours adjusting designs and communicating with surveyors to ensure that their design can meet all requirements.

Since legacy software struggles to effectively import sections of LiDAR and GIS, ArconaTech would have to make a site visit every time a substantial design change is made to ensure that it does not create any violations with its surrounding environment. This would drag a project on, especially as requirements are continuously changing.

ArconaTech Advances with Power Lines Pro

Power Lines Pro was created for everything from independent designers to state-wide utilities, so ArconaTech now have the capability to move from in-depth single-pole analysis to network-wide grid hardening in an instant.

With the ability to import GIS and LiDAR data, engineers are now able to achieve complete situational awareness when designing a 3-dimensional model as they have an accurate representation of the real-world to work with. This eliminates the need for site visits and empowers designers to achieve complete risk mitigation as PLP automatically

calculates the clearance distance from a conductor’s blow out to various obstructions and detects violations.

Power Lines Pro also enabled ArconaTech to set up and display multiple custom environments that empowered them to validate their models against these different conditions simultaneously.

Power Lines Pro’s dashboard also displays the model and calculations side-by-side, with built-in standard and validation checks that can automatically highlight any issues in real-time. This meant that designers were able to problem-solve in the cloud with real-time insights provided by PLP.

Positive Outcomes for ArconaTech

Spacial Awareness

ArconaTech’s designers have been empowered by the 3D spatial awareness that the software provided, as it gave them a greater understanding of their own designs throughout the entire planning process.

Design Collaboration

As Power Lines Pro is cloud-based, it also means that ArconaTech’s designers can now collaborate and cross-check together in real-time resulting in higher standard designs while also being 200% faster.

Greater Focus on Design

ArconaTech has been able to stop spending time on the repetitive calculations or reiterations that had limited them in the past, and can now focus on creating innovative designs and providing the best outcomes for their clients.

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