Network-wide scenario analysis for asset management, operations and planning.

Neara Analytics is a network-wide, fully-customizable analytics and reporting platform. Neara Analytics combines detailed per-asset analysis with whole-of-network scale. Users can precisely define any number of spatial or structural scenarios of interest and run them across the network. View and analyze results globally, or drill into individual asset profile details in a 3D, multi-layered, and wholly interactive environment.

Central to Neara Analytics is the physical network digital twin, auto-generated from existing data including GiS, LiDAR, imagery, maps, tables and other records. As the real network changes, the digital twin remains up to date via discrete data capture or direct model editing within Neara Analytics and Designer.

Use Neara Analytics to analyze extreme weather and load scenarios, perform complex vegetation encroachment analysis, pole-by-pole capacity and residual strength analysis, pole deflection, conductor sway analysis, and much more. Use-case potential significantly expands as the digital twin is combined with other spatial datasets and modules.

As a cloud-based software solution, sharing and collaborating on workflows, reports, and dashboards is effortless. Users on any computer can leverage the same analytical tools and insights.

Network-wide analysis and asset management

Identify and analyze risks and violations network-wide on a fully-customizable spatial analytics platform. Convert insights into action via operational dashboards that enable real-time risk/cost benefit decision making. View analytics network-wide, then inspect and interact with the outputs in 3D, on a per-asset basis.


Engineering-grade modeling

Neara Analytics is based on an engineering-grade network model, delivering significantly more accurate results than static modelling.

Run FEA and other advanced engineering and physics-enabled analysis at scale to accurately calculate pole deflection, wind blowout, multi-pole failure analysis and more.

Neara Analytics provides a centralized location to reconcile all physical network data. Maintain, update, and enrich a true physical network digital twin.

One integrated platform, countless use-cases

Advanced vegetation management, conductor slapping, grid hardening and adverse wind risk, pole utilization and deflection, building and ground clearance, GIS correction and auditing, bushfire risk, flood risk, and more.

Data export and modular software integration makes adding Neara Analytics to an existing software ecosystem effortless.


Discover how Neara Designer, Analytics, and Point Cloud solutions can bring you closer to your assets, environment, and business.

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Data export and modular software integration makes adding Neara Analytics easy.

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