Fast. Intelligent. Intuitive. Create comprehensive and detailed power line designs in a fraction of typical design time.

Scoping projects have never been this easy.

Easily plan and validate multiple Network Routes

Ensure you design the safest and most cost-effective route with Power Lines Pro Designer. Instantly validate your entire design against regulations, such as clearance requirements. With automated recommendations and real-time feedback as you work, creating alternative network routes is easier than ever before.

"Software is incredibly efficient and productive. Having the map overlay aligned to my survey coordinates is really reassuring, as well knowing that my design is projected correctly onto the map and models the real world accurately."

Yanaka, Ryance Engineers 2020    

Effectively communicate your designs with easy reporting and analysis

Power Lines Pro makes exporting and sharing your work simple by offering instant reporting and analysis in a vast number of file types, everything from GeoJSON to 3D drawing formats. Easily adhere to requirements across multiple stakeholders, so you can focus that attention on your designs.

Scoping at Work - From Start to Finish in Minutes

See a Scoping Project in Action

Our demo video above shows a scoping project on a typical terrain model. The user quickly creates a mile-long power line design over nearby mountains, and is able to check profile clearances for any breaches simultaneously. Power Lines Pro makes designing poles and conductors a quick, accurate and automated process.

If you have any questions about digital twins, scoping projects or are interested in trialing Power Lines Pro, we’d be happy to discuss your specific use case and get you started on our 14 day free trial - contact us via