Grid Hardening

Identify & rectify the risk of issues under extreme weather conditions, such as cascading pole failures.


A New Zealand Utility was concerned about the risk of cascading pole on their network during an especially harsh winter season. The Utility was looking for a solution that would help them model their infrastructure and assess its resiliency under different construction standards and operating conditions. 


Using PLP Analytics, the Utility was able to analyze its network by building specific ‘what-if’ scenarios. These scenarios tested the effectiveness of different pole, conductor and construction options under various weather conditions - everything from extreme winds to snow and ice. The designers got real-time detailed results as they made any changes to the scenarios, so the process was far more efficient than traditional calculation methods.


  • The utility gained an engineering model that enables them to perform data-driven decision making and test alternative grid hardening plans quickly and easily. 
  • Balance CAIDI, SAIFI & capital constraints while considering future network requirements.
  • 10x faster identification of network risk (Mid Sized utility - NZ, 4 months as opposed to 3 years)

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