Utilities can utilize their existing company data and a Digital Twin to conduct data-driven grid hardening and storm resilience initiatives. By having a highly accurate structural model of their network, the utility can identify, assess, and rectify weaknesses in their grid. 

This can be done by modeling and analyzing the impact of extreme weather events on the network with engineering-grade accuracy. With the freedom to input different wind speeds, temperatures and conditions, poles at risk of failure will be highlighted to the user - along with extensive reporting options, including prioritization of areas for hardening based on their risk level. 

Power Lines Pro includes the capability to model physics-enabled edits, adjustments or new assets within the existing network. These proposed solutions/hardening projects can be assessed and tested, so the best solution can be determined prior to fieldwork or site visits. The outputs can also be configured for easy action, from tabular excel calculations to clear managerial reporting to formats that are compatible with most external platforms. 

With everything from the loading of each pole to the assessment of remediation options available in full detail across the network, the utility is empowered to be efficient and data-driven in its resiliency operation. To learn more about grid hardening check out our “5 Ways for Utilities to Prepare for Hurricane Seasons” article.

If you have any questions about how to use PLP to manage your grid analysis, we’d be happy to discuss your specific use case - contact us via info@powerlinespro.com