Using Power Lines Pro to reduce the risk of causing or being severely impacted by wildfires.

The Problem:

​An Australian utility required a model of their network during the devastating 2020 Australian wildfires to rapidly rebuild the damaged network and identify areas of urgent wildfire mitigation tactics, such as handling vegetation encroachment.


The utility built a 3D digital model of their entire network using their existing data. They could then use this PLP model to analyze their network against the wildfire data to highlight the areas of concern. They could view areas that had been damaged and do repairs in the field with the cloud-based model giving them real-time calculations, and also predict areas under threat and take preventative action.


By utilizing their PLP model to rapidly rebuild the network, the utility was able to reduce SAIDI & improve the reliability of every repair conducted. 

Beyond that, as the bushfires subsided, COVID-19 arose. With PLP, staff could work remotely and access detailed network information without field visits, which greatly improved flexibility and overall productivity in repairs post-wildfire season during the pandemic lockdown. 

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