Fast, accurate,
automatic LiDAR

Stop choosing between quality and speed

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In comparison to
other approaches:

up to

30 x faster

up to

99 % accurate

More insight, less manual effort

Unparalleled speed

Automatically de-noise and classify raw LiDAR scans, generating critical insight across >1k miles per day

Accuracy you can count on

Classify even non-standard objects with precision and confidently classify objects and run reliable reports

Customize to any area, any object

Whether you need a corridor or wide-area scan for a rural, suburban, or urban area, our tools meet you where you are

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Insight at scale

Total network length under management

equivalent to 16x
the circumference of the Earth

Total network area under management
0.65Msquare miles

larger than the area of California and Texas combined

Total number of assets under management

including distribution, sub-transmission and transmission structures

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