A data-driven modeling tool for seizing clean energy opportunities

Control your decarbonization timeline with Neara’s network simulator

Plan your ideal decarbonization roadmap with ease. Our engineering-grade 3D model lets you prioritize impactful initiatives without the time-consuming trial and error. You can simulate possible new transmission routes, best-fit interconnect requests and renewable energy integration across existing resources. This helps you identify the advantages and disadvantages of any approach, empowering you to make the confident data-driven decisions that best suit your network.

Real-world simulations for real-world solutions

  • Boosting network capacity without building new infrastructure

    “We have found that the temperature our lines can operate at is much higher than we previously understood. Historically, we have had to apply a crude standard across the network. By modeling each span individually, we found that in many parts, the capacity is twice as high as we previously thought.”

    John Cleland


    Unlocked 2x network capacity for clean energy integration across 1.4 million poles
    Concept-to-network design in 85% less time

Easily simulate interconnection requests

route optimization

Automatically evaluate which interconnect requests are truly compatible with your network, even amid common challenges like complex terrain or expensive interchanges. Your model lets you veto poor fits by previewing each one’s impacts across structural and environmental considerations. This doesn’t just accelerate your green transition timeline — it helps you to reallocate administrative costs onto more suitable projects, freeing you from red tape.

Ready to greenlight your best options?

Integrate renewable energy sources

Utility workers installing solar panels near wind power stations

Don’t let new infrastructure availability hold you back. Use Neara to perform dynamic line rating and static line rerating analyses across your entire network in minutes — not months — to find places to bring more clean energy online. This lets you maximize network efficiency to lower consumer rates, ensuring you meet increasing demand while keeping your decarbonization schedule on track.      

How will renewable energy impact your network?

Explore new transmission routes

Skip the bureaucratic slow walk. Use Neara to plan and design transmission lines in just weeks, bypassing any lengthy months-long process. You’ll be able to consider factors like clearance and local easement rules to avoid last-minute design hiccups. The platform also provides a record-keeping system for tracking changes, streamlining approvals and sharing relevant information with stakeholders. This both improves overall network reliability and speeds carbon emission reduction.

Where should you build next?

Answer any question with network-wide simulations

  • Which transmission route can actually meet derating requirements?

    Activate and future-proof supply, stress-free:

    • Purposefully design around terrain and easement limitations
    • Predict and proactively prepare for stakeholder pushback
    • Build a secure system of record with audit logs, work flows and clear visualizations
  • How will that new wind farm impact my network?

    Simulate any scenario to address network-wide impacts:

    • Calculate increases in network load and heat on clearance and structural considerations
    • Predict the downstream ripple effects of bringing new renewable projects online      
    • Maximize clean energy activation while proactively minimizing risks      
  • What’s my actual available network capacity?

    Maximize the assets you already have by:

    • Leveraging atmospheric conditions like wind and temperature to dynamically re-rate lines
    • Exploring your existing network’s potential to see you through demand increases and the rate impact 
    • Running more energy via static line re-rating while complying with network-wide clearance thresholds

Enough with the “hurry up and wait” — reach your decarbonization goals faster

See how Neara can accelerate your decarbonization with a demo. You’ll experience more than a detailed overview of our platform — you’ll directly manipulate its features to understand how different actions and events impact your network. 

Try everything from exploring new transmission design to simulating wind and temperatures to visualize the thermal limits of your lines. With Neara, any engineering-grade simulation is possible. 

But you need to see it to believe it.

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