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Intelligence for infrastructure

Future-proof your network and be prepared for anything that comes your way.


Global utilities trust Neara to drive critical decisions and seven-figure
grid hardening investments without verification from manual field surveys


For Utilities

Network Digitization

Make better, faster decisions across your whole network

Get eyes across your entire network with a digital 3D model that simulates any event, any time.

For Utilities

Network Health & Reliability

Identify and address risks faster

Get ahead of and eliminate everyday risks, from vegetation to conductor clashing so you can keep your assets, your team and your community safe.

For Utilities

Weather Resilience & Grid Hardening

Predict the unpredictable

Anticipate Mother Nature’s next move and take the guesswork out of protecting your network.

For Utilities

Renewable Energy & Decarbonization

Take control of your clean energy future

Circumvent traditional blockers and get more clean energy online, faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.

For Geospatial

LiDAR Classification & Insights

Turn information to insight

Supercharge your LiDAR classification and generate actionable insights up to 30x faster.

For Geospatial

Automate LiDAR insight generation

Automatically process, clean, and extract insights from raw LiDAR at scale so you can execute more projects more effectively.

Power your network
to a whole new level

  • Identify and resolve risks 9x faster
  • Restore power 3x faster
  • Increase existing network throughput for 2x more capacity

The digital network model

Neara’s digital network model is like having your best field crews out at all times.

Simulate exactly how your assets behave in their real-world environment under any condition. Understand how risks ripple through all of your network operations. Optimize maintenance, allocate resources, and respond to critical events.


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