Case Study: Conductor Clash Risk Detection


An Australian utility faced a challenge in fulfilling its regulatory commitment to identify and resolve conductor clashing issues across high wildfire-risk areas. Originally projected to take 36 months, the utility completed the project in just 4 months after implementing Neara’s platform.

Neara helped the utility to expedite risk identification work 10x faster compared to traditional methods. This rapid assessment not only facilitated compliance with regulatory obligations but also helped to address network vulnerabilities.

The Challenge

The utility was obligated by regulations to identify and solve conductor clashing issues in high wildfire-risk areas. The utility struggled to efficiently build comprehensive models using LiDAR data and asset libraries and to promptly assess conductor clash risks and generate reports. They originally scoped the project to take 3 years to complete without access to the right tools to help.

The Solution

Neara developed a detailed 3D digital network model of the high wildfire-risk zones, simulating comprehensive conductor clashing analyses across all conductors. Leveraging LiDAR data and asset libraries, Neara constructed the model and verified conductor and pole specifications.

The platform simulated conductor clash scenarios based on physical factors such as cable tension, type, width, wind speeds, and temperature impacts on sag. This approach allowed the utility to swiftly prioritize and mitigate network risks, ensuring compliance and enhancing overall grid resilience.

By using Neara’s platform, they were able to identify conductor clash risks 10x faster.

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