Asset Health Management

A virtual triage room that allows you to stress-test and diagnose the health of every asset. Without a manual field survey.

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The demands on your network have never been greater. Rise to the challenge with an intelligent network model that highlights structural flaws and external threats for every one of your assets and identifies the most pressing risks — visible and invisible — in minutes, not days or weeks.

  • Eliminate blind spots and surface vulnerabilities fast so you can address them before they become major problems
  • Prioritize and deploy field work with precision
  • Allocate your maintenance budget efficiently by reducing unnecessary costs and risks associated with manual surveys

Fortify your network and be ready for anything

Avoid Conductor Clashing

Understand precisely where conductors are most likely to clash and where clashing conductors are most likely to cause severe damage. Prioritize reinforcement efforts by analyzing layers of historical and predicted weather data and simulating how your conductors will behave in high winds and temperatures. Accelerate time to value on grid hardening initiatives like covered conductor roll-outs and cable spacer implementations by understanding exactly where reinforcements are needed most. Save the field visits for targeted repairs, not manual surveys.

Calibrate Pole Loading

Ensure your poles are bearing the “just right” amount of load — optimize load-bearing capacity and maximize asset utilization to incorporate multi-use infrastructure while ensuring poles are sufficiently and safely fortified. Stress test each pole against everyday wear and tear and extreme weather, and understand how incremental pole stress will ripple through your entire network. Avoid costly domino effects by performing cascading pole failure analysis to identify elevated risks across your network. Efficiently manage field maintenance expenses and logistics, and get ahead of imminent safety risks.

Which poles are at greatest risk of failure?

Which equipment do I need to replace before the rainy season?

Where are my conductors most likely to clash and ignite?

Which assets need your attention?

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