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We work with utilities.

Our approach is to partner with our utility customers to achieve their goals. Our goal is to demonstrate how Neara’s technology can help them digitally transform without disruption.

A few reasons why we’ve earned their trust:

Increased Grid Reliability

Improved visibility of known risks (e.g. assets in high wildfire risk zones) and identifying unknown risks (e.g. what weather conditions would create a high risk of cascading structural failures), enables utilities to appropriately understand, simulate and mitigate against those risks.

Improved Emergency Response and Network Remediation Speed

Neara enables a utility to rapidly assess which areas of their network and network assets are damaged from floods, severe storms, or other natural disaster event; and quickly develop a plan to remediate damaged assets - which enables faster restoration of power to communities.

Enhanced Transparency into how Investments Impact Operations

Neara provides an accurate and dynamic visual representation of a utility’s network, inclusive of asset condition, location, and investment commitments, all within a single unified platform.

Key outcomes across our utility customers


Rapid network risk identification~10x faster risk identification (e.g. conductor clashing) for entire network


More cost effective risk identification~5x reduced spend on risk identification compared to manual inspection methods


Efficient LiDAR verification and auditing~48h from time of ingestion into Neara platform to verify coverage and if captured LiDAR is fit-for-purpose


Increased design efficiency and collaboration~85% time saved when creating & modifying network design on Neara


More efficient line rating studies~4x faster line rating studies compared to alternate methods using other software


Automated LiDAR classification at-scale~30x faster LiDAR classification at-scale compared to traditional methods, with up to 99% accuracy


Optimize OPEX spend on physical asset inspections~$5M annual savings from substituting physical inspections with analysis on Neara’s platform


Optimize asset REPEX deferrals~30k pole replacements deferred without compromising network integrity


More efficient pole analysis and inspections~2x faster pole analysis and inspections compared to alternate methods using other software

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