Vectorization & Insights

Take your output to the next level and translate your classified LiDAR into tangible insights utilities can act on

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Deepen your analysis and your utility partnerships by layering both out-of-the-box and custom vectorization and reporting on top of classified LiDAR. Fast and easy LiDAR classification makes it easier for you to save your time and attention for crafting specialized reports and insights that help utilities navigate specific challenges. Showcase your differentiated expertise and stop choosing between speed and quality when you don’t have to.

  • Execute and upgrade more projects with value-added insights that stand out without draining your team’s capacity
  • Produce higher-quality insights about everything from vegetation to buildings and everything in between
  • Efficiently generate specialized insights using automatically classified LiDAR as a cost-effective canvas

Differentiate beyond speed and accuracy

Deliver high-fidelity vectorized models

Skip counting dots and cut straight to automatically generating vectorized models based on AI/ML that has seen millions of miles of utility networks of every shape and size. Produce highly accurate, legible models of just about any network component that utilities can operationalize today, from tree segmentation to catenary extraction and beyond. Deliver models that are as dynamic as utility networks and highly accurate but offer flexible workflows and are easy to edit.

Automate custom reports

Fast-forward from classified LiDAR to automated reporting about everything from clearance to vegetation work out of the box. Offer utility partners custom, plug-and-play reporting on top of your classified LiDAR output, with zero additional configuration required so they can get started from the moment of delivery. Train AI/ML to build custom reports faster and cost-effectively and deepen your utility partnerships.

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Where should I start my covered conductor roll-out?

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Which assets need your attention?

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