Network Health & Reliability

A virtual ‘control room’ with total visibility over your entire network. Prioritize exactly which risks to address and when so you can maximize uptime without compromising safety.

Network health and reliability is a constantly moving target.

No matter how vast your network area, our digital network model ensures you’ll have eyes on exactly what needs your attention — from encroaching vegetation vines to low-clearance lines — before they spiral into much bigger problems. Transition from reactive, whack-a-mole risk management to more orderly, efficient, predictable operations. 

Identify risks

9x faster

How it works

Using LiDAR, GIS and satellite imagery, we create a precise 3D model of your entire network that reflects exactly how your assets behave in real-life so that you can simulate and prepare for any scenario — visible or invisible, everyday or extraordinary. Test your network’s resilience against hundreds of ever-changing variables, from wind, temperature and vegetation, so you can make the unpredictable predictable and , and  remove risks before they become live dangers.

Get ahead of routine risks so you can stop playing whack-a-mole and direct more efficient, predictable operations.


Energy Central: Investing in the Grid for Reliability & Resilience

Energy Central

Case Studies

Wildfire-prone US utility

“Integrating simulation functionality into our operations has introduced new standards of speed, thoroughness and consistency to our inspections that we’re excited to have codified. We believe this will be instrumental in helping us reduce fault risks by 50% in our first year”, said a member of the utility’s executive team. 

The utility has saved hundreds of field visits, identifying and prioritizing vegetation risks up to 10x faster than they previously could.

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Identify risks up to 10x faster

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Save hundreds of field visits

Which of your assets won’t pass a stress test?

Learn how to find out fast.