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Between a ticking clock on regulatory orders, increasingly unpredictable weather and spiking electricity demand, utilities are working harder than ever to get their networks in tip-top shape. Whether it’s transmission or distribution assets that need attention, or whether your partners’ goal is shoring up energy security or activating more clean energy, Neara’s 3D digital model makes your expertise go farther. Remove the guesswork from line rating and ensure your partners get the most out of their assets.

  • Dynamically rate transmission lines to help your partners get FERC 881 compliant faster using flexible cost-effective network-wide modeling software, not cost-prohibitive hardware 
  • Rerate distribution lines by resetting granular clearance standards at scale using powerful AI to make sure your partners put all available capacity to work 
  • Deliver high-integrity performance upgrades with simulation software that leaves no opportunity untapped and no risk unexplored

The peak performance shortcut that cuts no corners

Dynamic line rating at network-wide scale

Be your partners’ ticket to FERC 881 compliance, improved reliability, and a timely clean energy transition. Dynamically rate transmission lines by leveraging ambient temperature, wind, and solar irradiation any any time interval to deliver more capacity across your partners’ current infrastructure.

Neara’s 3D digital network model amplifies your expertise by allowing you to simulate atmospheric conditions so that you can define realistic expectations, surface potential risks and pitfalls and set your partners up for success.

Static line re-rating for maximum network performance

Level-up from yesterday’s crude standard and introduce your partners to granularity at scale. Neara’s AI-powered network model empowers you to evaluate the raw potential of every single span in your partners’ network with a fine-tooth comb. Safely re-imagine span-by-span performance accounting for detailed clearance considerations of every kind. Whether you’re preparing your partners for a cold winter, a hot summer, or more clean energy, make sure their distribution assets are up to the task.

Get the full upstream and downstream picture

Your partners know there’s the possibility to run more energy through their existing assets — but your expertise is the key to getting it done efficiently and safely. Cover all of your bases and make sure that improved equipment performance doesn’t come with hidden costs. Simulating line rating in Neara’s digital network model helps you anticipate potential downstream clearance risks and upstream supply implications so you can stay several steps ahead. Leveraging AI to identify the risks means you can focus your expertise on solutioning to eliminate those risks and maximize network performance in spite of them.

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