Network Design & Construction

Design for today's complexity and tomorrow's urgency with unparalleled context, flexibility, and speed. Accelerate new network capabilities – built to withstand any challenge.

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Optimizing your network depends on more variables than ever — from increasing supply requirements to land use considerations and decarbonization mandates. Implementing network design changes and executing construction shouldn’t be the hard part. Our 3D digital network model helps you launch new network design 85% faster. Not only does it streamline your design process, it also empowers you to proactively navigate potential roadblocks by simulating all kinds of network realization scenarios before you’ve even shared your project for review.

  • Deliver more projects faster and with less effort – experiment and implement network design changes in 3 minutes instead of 30
  • Optimize workflows, reduce context-switching, and foster multi-stakeholder collaboration by building in a single platform and leveraging integrations
  • Stress-test your design plans against network risks, severe weather events, and decarbonization goals

Build for resilience

Seamlessly execute new distribution

Work faster with out-of-the-box design tools that let you manage critical considerations, from local clearance requirements to pole composition, on the fly. Collaborate efficiently with every third party, ensuring proper data governance across design and maintenance workflows. Automate manual processes and ensure your distribution design is optimized for both performance and the community you serve.

Design new transmission, community-first

Deliver mission-critical clean supply projects faster and with less red tape, whether you’re designing for cities or rural areas. Your 3D digital network model enables you to design with your community top-of-mind, avoiding common project management landmines and keeping every stakeholder on the same page with easy project tracking and seamless data sharing. Automate manual tasks such as clearance checks across access roads, public transformation, and more.

What percentage of the new poles in this area can be wooden?

What happens if there’s a new access road later this year?

Do we need to put stays in right away or will that delay us too much?

Which assets need your attention?

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