Interconnection Request Management

Automatically evaluate more projects, faster

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Connect renewable energy sources to your network faster by removing friction from your interconnection request process. Breeze through your backlog by automatically simulating project execution so you can understand exactly how each project will impact your whole network.

  • Save your time and attention for best-fit projects and disqualify poor fit projects at scale
  • Facilitate a cost-effective clean energy transition
  • Shortlist front-runner projects based on automatically collected signals instead of reviewing projects on a first-in, first-out basis

Cut the red tape

Save your time and attention for the best

Automatically disqualify requests that don’t fit the bill with a digital network model that reflects the nuances of your network. Complex terrain? Costly interchange? Prohibitive upgrade costs? Automatically eliminate all projects that lack the required structural specifications. Generate reports and distribute feedback to prospective partners so they can put their best foot forward next time and are empowered to help you usher in a clean energy future.

Reallocate administrative costs to fortify winning projects and consumer savings

Repurpose costs previously required for manually processing interconnection requests to strengthen and accelerate winning projects. Reduce operating expenses and instead invest more capital in your community’s future and pass savings on to your customers. Reduced admin costs can unlock every incremental MWh of network capacity at a more affordable rate.

Strike while the iron is hot

Don’t miss critical opportunities and let best-fit projects grow stale in your queue. Use your digital network model to automatically evaluate interconnection requests by simulating how your network would respond if you brought them online. Scoring projects in order of best fit by simulating implementation in your digital network model means you’ll discover the best ones quickly and have the opportunity to act fast, rather than waiting months or years before you’re in a position to evaluate them.

How many projects in my backlog can I skip over because they fail to meet key criteria?

Which project will be easiest and take the least amount of time to execute?

How much can reducing admin costs lower the cost of every 1mWH for consumers?

Which assets need your attention?

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