The system of enablement for a resilient, affordable clean energy future

At Neara, we empower utilities to secure a safer, more affordable clean energy future by protecting existing infrastructure from everyday risks and severe weather, surfacing additional network capacity using existing assets, and accelerating new infrastructure.

Using leading-edge AI/ML, our platform enables utilities to simulate hundreds of environmental and mechanical variables to remove the guesswork from preparing for every kind of scenario. 

We deliver a digital 3D network model that captures granular nuances across the entirety of utility networks to eliminate blindspots across traditional network monitoring methods and manual field surveys. Neara powers a de-risked, decarbonized future with more predictable, cost-effective operations for utilities and the communities they serve.

Why Neara?

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Beyond visualization

Simulate how your network will respond to anything

Protect your community, teams, and assets with predictive intelligence that simulates hundreds of environmental and mechanical variables so you understand how your network will respond to any condition. Confidently prepare your network for everything from everyday risks to severe weather and decarbonization projects. 

Analytics that tell you what you need to know when things change on a moment’s notice help you see your network through anything and ensure you can successfully navigate the moments that matter most.

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Network-wide scale

Stay in control no matter how vast or complex your territory

Traditional network monitoring processes are no match for the demands of today and tomorrow. Model every nuance of your network, from elevation geometry to conductor sag, with stunning accuracy. Perform granular simulation analyses and extrapolate formulas across thousands of network miles in minutes, not days. 

The 3D digital network model delivers a thorough, end-to-end field survey, augmented with consistency and context beyond the human eye.

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A system of record

A shared, data-driven version of the full story

Your 3D digital network model is a holistic account of your network’s vulnerabilities and potential that infuses all operations with predictive intelligence. From prioritizing grid hardening initiatives and capital projects to auditing faults, keep all of your teams in lockstep with shared context easily accessible in your network model. 

Ditch the siloes and ensure every team understands how their work ripples through the network. See how analyzing network-wide operations from a single platform empowers you to identify risks faster and more cost-effectively.

Is your network up to the task?

Insights at Scale

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Miles network length under management

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