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With an engineering-grade 3D digital twin of your network, utilities can perform risk and predictive analysis of transmission and distribution infrastructure, producing fast, accurate results.

What can I do with it?

Through this physics-enabled model on the Neara Platform, and leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence, you can validate and supplement asset records, perform system wide vegetation management, engineering analysis, and overlay the network model with weather or fire risk layers to identify damaged or at-risk assets. And more.

How It Works

Neara Platform: building a digital twin of your network

Neara displayed on a laptop

The Neara Platform: building a digital twin

How does the Neara Platform work? Regardless of the business problem or need you’re addressing, the first step is to build a digital twin of your network within the Neara platform. Once generated, use it to solve real-world problems.

Show me how Neara can solve for:

Climate & Weather Resilience

Simulate and prepare for extreme weather and natural disasters before they happen. Neara can simulate the effects of environmental conditions – like high-winds, extreme temperature variations, ice and snow build-up, flood inundation, wildfires, and more – at a network-wide level.

Vegetation Management

Get digital visibility to vegetation hazards, risks and their resulting consequences and costs. Using the Neara Platform combined with vegetation management specific functionality, utilities can take vegetation management and optimization into their own hands.

Structural Analysis

Understand the precise loading, stress, and tension on every asset across the entire network. Perform network-wide stress analysis using both static analysis, as well as Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in order to more easily maintain the structural integrity of poles and assets, and to assess the feasibility of third-party attachments.

Full solutions in one platform.

The Neara Platform + Modules can be used to create an entire life cycle solution of weather impact, disaster response, and network-wide optimization to build resiliency and manage risk.


Example: How does Neara address wildfire challenges?

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