Weather Resilience & Grid Hardening

Be ready for whatever Mother Nature throws your way. Power through extreme weather of every kind and don’t let anything get in the way of providing safe, reliable service to your community.

Extreme weather is unpredictable, but your network’s response doesn’t need to be.

Prepare with confidence for the moments that require split-second, life-and-death decisions with a digital network model that lets you simulate every kind of weather scenario, putting you more in control of the unpredictable. Anticipate and identify network vulnerabilities, then prioritize and budget for grid hardening initiatives, from undergrounding to stay installation, and covered conductor deployment. Before, during, and in the aftermath of severe weather, our digital network model helps keep field visits to a minimum, reducing costs and keeping your team out of harm’s way.

Restore power

3x faster

How it works

Our 3D digital network model delivers the visibility you need to reduce risks before severe weather hits, the situational awareness you need to weather extreme conditions of all kinds, and the intelligence you need to mobilize a fast recovery. We combine LiDAR, GIS and satellite imagery with other data sources to deliver a highly precise network model that enables you to simulate and prepare for any scenario. Stress-test your network against wind, high temperatures, flooding, fire, etc., and prioritize the right set of grid hardening steps for your network.

Case Studies

“Using Neara’s platform, we were able to simulate the impact of major flooding to help restore power to affected customers in a safe and timely manner. We eliminated 300 hours of inspection time and targeted our response to the customers that needed our assistance the most.”

– Scott Ryan, Chief Asset and Operating Officer, Endeavor Energy

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Eliminated 300 hours of manual inspection time

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Delivered flood model in 48 hours

“By monitoring water and clearance levels daily, SA Power Networks was able to leave power on for longer for many customers along the river as the floodwaters rose and also restore power more quickly as water receded. This innovative approach, based on digital insights, allowed for the re-energization of power lines within five days, compared with the originally anticipated three-week timeframe using traditional manual methods.”

— Doug Schmidt, General Manager, Network Management, SA Power Networks

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Restore power 3x faster

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Assessed 21k spans in 15 minutes vs. months

Predict Mother Nature’s next move and react and recover faster.

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