Make-Ready Engineering

Deliver a turnkey roadmap for the art of the possible 

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Blurring lines between broadband and utility infrastructure mean opportunities for you to lead the way in make-ready engineering. Your digital network model helps you chart a course to any and every use case for retrofitting network assets by giving you the ability to simulate potential configurations so you can identify the most optimal path for all parties, no matter the terrain. Introduce utilities to the most extensible version of their infrastructure and share in the benefits.

  • Identify unknown unknowns in a flexible digital environment that behaves exactly like the real network so nothing slows down real-life project delivery 
  • Surface and address potential pole loading issues from joint use applications on the fly in just minutes 
  • Decrease overall project costs with scaled, automated software-assisted design and integration roll-out recommendations

Usher in a new asset utilization standard

Optimize infrastructure for fiber integration and beyond

Simulate joint use integrations pre-installation and monitor pole utilization and deflection from the moment new communication is installed to identify and understand how to address potential pole loading risks. Monitor pole utilization and deflection from the moment new communication is installed to understand how it impacts pole loading. Run several pole checks simultaneously on thousands of poles per day to speed decision-making and roll-out and ultimately improve collaboration and smooth project completion.

Find the “just-right” configuration for third party attachments

Fiber cable? Broadband box? No matter what kinds of attachments are in question, make sure your partners stand to reap benefits without hidden safety issues. Understand the downstream implications of hosting third party attachments on conductor sag, pole loading, and conductor clash risk in the most likely and most extreme weather conditions. Facilitate attachment-friendly design processes in any area, no matter how imminent or large-scale the integration.

Take on uncharted projects with confidence

Stay on the forefront of innovation and lead utilities in exploring new infrastructure use cases no matter how novel, big or small. Experiment with new configurations and surface potential blockers on the fly. Rapidly add poles and stress-test assets against any environmental or mechanical challenge, in the context of any and every national and local standard. Our flexible, modular platform is purpose-built to deeply understand all aspects of utility networks and has the data science horsepower, embedded analytics and scale to support just about any project.

If we add fiber equipment, where do we need to add more poles mid-span?

Which poles can safely bear broadband attachments?

What kind of terrain should we avoid for a fiber roll-out?

Which assets need your attention?

Learn how to find out, fast.