Vegetation Management

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Ditch the broad strokes, time-based vegetation inspection plan — because vegetation doesn’t stick to a schedule. Remote vegetation inspections in your digital network model empower you to improve SAIDI/SAIFI, reduce wildfire risk, and stay in control of a constantly shifting environment. Between high winds, rainfall, extreme temperatures, equipment behavior, and growth patterns, you know that vegetation clearances are a moving target. Simulate every combination of critical variables in your digital network model so you can execute field work with efficiency and precision right on time.

  • Automatic risk identification means you can complete vegetation work 50% faster and get clearance reports into field teams’ hands in days, not months. Most importantly, you can stay ahead of vegetation-caused interruptions, wire-downs, and wildfires.
  • Proactive, predictive vegetation management unlocks a longer line of sight into where you need to focus next. Stop reacting to urgent work orders and instead, devote appropriate time and attention to every job.
  • Squash skepticism and ensure your biggest budget line item is no longer a point of contention and dead simple to explain, backed by precise, defensible data.

Always-on digital inspections. Risk-based field inspections when it matters most.

Assign clearance reports in days, not months

Identify and prioritize encroachment, fall-in, and grow-in risks more effectively and complete vegetation work 50% faster. Using your digital model to monitor vegetation risk scales your expertise across your entire network instead of just the trees you can cover in a given site visit. Trading guesstimation for precision builds confidence that you’re not only thoroughly mitigating risks but also critically that you’re prioritizing the right risks. Make sure every P1 is actually a P1 and not a false alarm once and for all, and ensure your field time is hyper-targeted and well spent.

Reduce outages and improve SAIDI/SAIFI

Reduce the frequency and duration of power outages via a risk-based approach to vegetation inspections and maintenance work. Your digital network model gives you the flexibility to simulate stormy conditions like high winds, flash floods, and ice storms that can unravel your normal-course vegetation clearance logic — without setting foot in the field. This way, when these conditions unfold across your actual network, you can follow along in the model and see exactly how and where you need to respond. The digital model can help you analyze known trouble spots across your network especially prone to outages, and surface other “lookalike” areas that are similarly outage-prone based on equipment, vegetation, and other environmental characteristics.

Combat wildfire risk

Vegetation clearance guesstimation is no match for today’s environment. Even as the stakes grow higher and wildfires occur more frequently, your digital network model gives you the precision-at-scale you need to reduce wildfire risk with confidence. Surfacing wildfire risks in the digital model is like having your most seasoned inspector evaluate ignition risk in every square inch of your network — except now they can see how vegetation responds to dangerously high winds, high heat, and errant equipment up close — from the safety of their desk. Never again second guess or be second-guessed about missing a P1 or misdirecting your team’s time to less urgent work, and rest assured you’re doing all the right things.

Consistency every stakeholder trusts

Digitized vegetation operations set a new bar for consistency that every stakeholder understands and trusts. Even your best inspectors might have slightly different ideas about what a P1 looks like — bring your team together to define consistent criteria once and for all and enforce it network-wide with your digital model so there’s never any doubt about priorities. Don’t settle for unnecessary repeat field visits to check the status of work orders — your digital network model is a shared source of truth that reflects the current status of all field work in flight. When your vegetation clearance reports become durable, digital artifacts instead of papered work orders with the life span of any given trim job, you can infuse all field operations with more accuracy, reducing barriers to action and driving down costs.

Bulletproof your vegetation budget

Your digital network model acts as an early warning system for vegetation risks for more predictable operations you don’t have to explain away. When you know exactly what needs to be done and when, budgeting is easy. Bulletproof your vegetation management budget with total visibility across impending priorities, as well as the underlying risks and costs required to address them. Understand the financial trade-offs of mitigating risks and build in flexibility to effectively negotiate required contracted work. Justify your budget with ease with data-driven line items and take credit for the substantial efficiencies you’ll unlock.

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