Vegetation Management

An early warning system for vegetation risks means more predictable operations that you don’t have to explain away.

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Ditch the unpredictable broad strokes vegetation management plan for a dynamic, accurate, all-encompassing network view that puts you in control of a constantly shifting environment. Tailor your vegetation operations to identify and address risks at the right time efficiently, execute more predictable operations, and budget with confidence.

  • Synchronize vegetation operations with AI/ML that increasingly learns the nuances of your network and its surroundings, increasing efficiency over time while significantly reducing operational costs
  • Stop second-guessing which pruning and clearance work has actually been completed and get a clear status report
  • Squash skepticism and ensure your biggest budget line item is no longer a point of contention and dead simple to explain, backed by precise, defensible data

Stay in control of vegetation

Identify and prioritize encroachment

Automatically surface and address current and potential “hidden” vegetation risks that may otherwise take much longer to discover — or fly under the radar altogether. Simulate conditions such as wind speed, precipitation, and temperature, so you can predict which vegetation will be most problematic in an extreme weather event. Use your field visits wisely to implement targeted, proactive maintenance. Make better decisions by knowing how your assets will behave ahead of time so you can prioritize pruning and clearance work just in time.

Automate task auditing

A single source of truth about the state of your vegetation operations means you don’t have to settle for your contractor’s word and fewer follow-up field visits to verify which pruning and clearance work is complete. Unlock more effective collaboration between your team and your contractors with automatic alerts that surface inconsistencies with all of the context you need, so you can stay focused on what needs your attention. Your digital network model becomes the system of record for every vegetation management stakeholder, so your whole team can stay on the same page.

Own your vegetation budget

When you know exactly what needs to be done, budgeting is easy. Bulletproof your vegetation management budget with total visibility across impending priorities, as well as the underlying risks and costs required to address them. Understand the financial trade-offs of mitigating risks and build in flexibility to effectively negotiate required contracted work. Justify your budget with ease with data-driven line items and take credit for the substantial efficiencies you’ll unlock.

Which assets need your attention?

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