Automatic LiDAR Classification

Power through more classification projects with automation and flexibility that unlock unsurpassed speed and accuracy

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Utilities are demanding more actionable, risk-reducing insight than ever before. By automating LiDAR classification, you can increase both project quality and throughput. Reduce project turnaround times, eliminate common manual classification errors, and help your team expand margins and scope without additional resources. Our self-service option brings all your workflows into one place — simplifying data governance and keeping you in control across all of your projects.

  • Accelerate processing speeds up to 30x faster than other methods and classify over a thousand miles of network territory per day
  • Accurately classify even non-standard objects with precision and confidently run reports
  • Cost-effectively scale your team’s capacity and grow your top line with less manual effort

Built to take on any territory, no matter how large or complex

Consistency and accuracy beyond the human eye

Advanced neural networks power our automatic LiDAR classification. They rapidly observe patterns across vast libraries of diverse network data to precisely identify objects and characterize territory nuances that the naked eye cannot. Our technology automatically extracts feature classes such as trees, conductors, poles, buildings, ground, and vegetation, as well as custom features like antennas and small roof objects – all with up to 99% precision. Maintain accuracy in even the most error-prone parts of the network and eliminate human subjectivity with a single high-fidelity classification logic.

Unparalleled speed that delivers on urgency

The insights buried in raw point cloud are too important to wait for manual classification. Accelerate your entire project with heavily-trained AI/ML models and battle-tested business logic that classifies LiDAR up to 30x faster than any other method. Accelerate LiDAR classification and all project elements by keeping data onshore and project variables in your control. Accelerate project turnaround times to increase overall project capacity and grow your business as fast as you’re completing projects.

When do I need to replace which poles?

Where should I start my covered conductor roll-out?

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