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Between increasing demand and decarbonization goals, getting new transmission operational to secure clean power supply has never been more urgent — but that doesn’t have to mean months of guesswork and red tape. Execute transmission line planning and design in weeks, not months or years, improve stakeholder engagement, and glide through roadblocks with a digital network model that helps you anticipate and simulate any scenario so there’s no question you can’t answer.

  • Identify the route that has an answer for every single constraint you’re facing in record time
  • Simulate scenarios to help you predict and proactively prepare for the pushback you’re most likely to face
  • Boost engagement and deepen buy-in across your team, regulators and local administration, contractors, and your customers

Activate new transmission — without the headaches

Find the path that checks all of the boxes, fast

Design an optimal transmission route no matter what constraints you have. Your digital network model helps you purposefully design with everything from clearance requirements, easement considerations, and derating factors in mind. Don’t wait months to discover that your design is a mismatch for the terrain, and avoid as many trips back to the drawing board as possible. Leaving no stone unturned means fewer surprises to threaten your progress down the line.

Smooth stakeholder engagement and collaboration

Your digital network model becomes a system of record for new transmission projects and keeps all stakeholders on the same page with centralized information access, version control, and easy-to-audit decision logs in a secure environment. Tailor permission rights and enable workflows that move your project through relevant approval gates. Clear, legible visualizations make it easy for regulatory agencies to participate in the process and for you to share updates with your community early and often.

Counter objections with confidence

Simulating scenarios from clearance challenges to structural integrity issues means you already have the answers to the tough questions. Navigate the approval process more confidently than ever before and make the strongest possible case for getting your project approved so you can meet your network reliability and decarbonization goals faster.

Which route is most likely to meet derating requirements?

What potential blockers does this terrain present?

How will this route affect consumer rates?

Which assets need your attention?

Learn how to find out, fast.