Flood Management

Keep your safety and reliability standards above water

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With the right technology and preparation, flooding doesn’t have to cripple your network. Your digital network model enables you to simulate how flooding will unfold so you can prepare to minimize damage and downtime and keep your team, community, and assets safe. Diminish flooding fallout with proactive vulnerability assessment, scenario simulation, and network-wide restoration diagnostics that can make best-case scenario your reality.

  • Simulate flooding conditions to proactively identify the pockets of your network that are most susceptible so you can take pre-emptive steps to soften the blow
  • Execute data-driven, informed decisions about power dispatch that reduce electrification risk while accounting for your community’s needs
  • Safely and strategically restore power as quickly as possible to as many customers as possible by using your digital network model to help prioritize the most impactful equipment repairs

Prepare for worst case scenario, deliver best case scenario

Identify flood risks

Understand where flooding is most likely to threaten your network with a precise digital network model that precisely reflects all of the nuances of your assets and how they behave in their environment. Incorporating factors like elevation geometry and soil density means your network model delivers an accurate view of how close the water level will come to your assets throughout your whole network. Simulate every kind of flooding scenario so you can stay ahead of safety and reliability risks and coordinate a strong response.

Monitor the situation and carefully assess power dispatch

Keep up with exactly how flooding is impacting your network and track water levels in areas surrounding assets. Equip your control room operators with intelligence about which sites to power down and when, and line up the right resources for the areas requiring repair and replacement post-flood. Your digital network model, coupled with live weather data, is the source of truth that keeps all stakeholders informed and ready to take swift action.

Rebound quickly

Safely restore power as fast as possible to as many customers as possible. While high water levels may persist in some areas, see which parts of your network your field crews can safely access to expedite power restoration. Inform and prioritize remediation work with a full download of which assets have been compromised and which repairs are required based on the number of outages and the customers affected.

How high should I let the water level rise before I shut off power?

If the winds turn northwest, how will that impact where water pools around critical equipment?

How fast will the water level come within 3 feet of our lowest line with 1.5 inches of rainfall per hour?

Which assets need your attention?

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