Renewable Energy Integration

Fast-track your decarbonization targets — without waiting for new infrastructure transmission

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Your decarbonization goals can’t wait for new infrastructure. Look to your existing assets to bring more clean energy online. Your digital network model reveals bottlenecks so you can unblock them and stay ahead of increasing demand while progressing your clean energy transition. Simulate every scenario you’ll need to consider as you juggle supply and demand changes and your decarbonization journey while keeping consumer rates affordable.

  • Unlock higher network capacity with laser-focused line-by-line upgrades — don’t wait any longer for new infrastructure to support the clean energy you need to bring online
  • Meet the most efficient version of your network — reduce consumer rates and model precisely how putting existing network capacity to work helps make your clean energy transition more affordable
  • Get ahead of potential risks and downstream implications by simulating in advance how utilizing excess capacity will affect your entire network

Decarbonize faster using your existing network

A heatmap that uncovers pockets of opportunity

Automatically identify and easily visualize which parts of your network can accommodate new renewable supply today. Take control of your decarbonization strategy and move as fast as possible — don’t just wait for new transmission or rely on lengthy line rating studies. Perform dynamic line rating calculations across every line in your network so you can see the current available vs. in-use capacity.

Reduce costs of your clean energy transition

Bringing more clean energy online shouldn’t depend on lengthy, expensive line rating studies and overly complex engineering designs. Automatically process the underlying calculations and easily understand and communicate what’s required to unlock existing capacity so you can quickly determine and pursue your most viable, cost-effective paths to a cleaner future.

Deliver a plan to address network-wide implications

Simulate the impact of bringing more renewable energy onto your network so you can understand the implications. Deliver a plan to calculate the increase in network load, heat, and impact on clearance and structural considerations. Predict how renewable energy integration will ripple through your network so you can maximize the positive effects and reduce potential risks in advance.

How much of my available capacity am I actually using?

If I want to keep consumer prices flat, how much existing capacity do I need to source?

If I bring on an extra 100 mW, how much can I expect my lines to sag and am I in danger of clearance violations?

Which assets need your attention?

Learn how to find out, fast.