LiDAR Classification & Insights

Generate more insight across more projects with less effort, faster

Effectively classified LiDAR can be the MVP of digital utility network models.

High-quality classification makes the difference between distracting noise — or worse, misleading information — and actionable insights that help utilities reduce risk. Automatic LiDAR classification allows you to de-noise and classify over a thousand miles of raw network territory scans up to 30x faster than any other method and quickly generate vectorized models and custom reports.

Up to

30x faster
99% accurate

How it works

We leverage advanced neural networks wrapped up in a simple, easy-to-navigate, self-service software tool that maximizes your efficiency and flexibility.

Our proprietary AI works by rapidly pattern-matching LiDAR scans across vast databases to accurately identify objects and network nuances that the human eye cannot. Execute more high-quality projects, faster, and more cost-effectively while integrating valuable insights and keeping data on shore.


3 Common Manual Utility LiDAR Classification Errors

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