Wildfire Management

Powerful preventative protection from flames and blame

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>70% of wildfires are preventable. Proactively eliminate network fault risks and minimize their impact on your team, network, and community when they do happen. Your digital network model is like a sixth sense for where fires are likely to start — it’s your best ally for neutralizing threats, optimizing your response, and accelerating recovery.

  • Simulate how all network components will react under wildfire conditions and identify assets likely to suffer damage and ignite
  • Know exactly which parts of your network are most vulnerable without jeopardizing your team’s safety with field visits
  • Defend your decision-making with an easily auditable, data-driven record that demonstrates how you minimized risk across your network and community

More problem resolution, less finger-pointing

Eliminate ignition risks network-wide

Network-wide visibility enables you to get ahead of risks from the usual suspects by simulating wildfire scenarios before they have a chance to unfold in real life. Identify structural defects, clashing conductors, low-hanging power lines, and problematic vegetation growth at a glance without manual field surveys, so you can continually keep your network clear of ignition risks. Prioritize network maintenance, asset replacement, and field work with the highest return on risk reduction.

Life-saving situational awareness

Stay on the same page with emergency responders from the get-go. Your digital network model is a single source of truth for how wildfires will affect your network and community. Coupled with additional data sources like live and historical weather data, wildfire patterns, and live camera feeds, the digital network model provides situational awareness so that every stakeholder knows what needs to happen next. Prioritize and direct multiple workstreams around what’s happening network-wide and work together on a swift response.

Come back online even stronger than before

Safely restore power as quickly as possible to support emergency services and community residents. Proactively procure asset components in advance so the equipment replacement process does not cause further downtime. Understand and prioritize the most critical parts of lines that need inspection and reinforcement based on which parts of the network are most vulnerable to fire. Resume normal operations with a clean, A+ bill of accountability and get the credit you deserve for your thorough response.

Where should I start my covered conductor roll-out?

Which equipment needs maintenance before fire season?

Where would undergrounding wires have the max impact on slowing fire progression?

Which assets need your attention?

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