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The Hurricane Management Playbook

Hurricanes are among the most widespread, catastrophic weather phenomena that nature can unleash. And when utilities aren’t prepared, the consequences can be deadly.

The Wildfire Management Playbook

Enhancing your wildfire emergency response plan with scenario-based, 3D digital modeling

The Flood Management Playbook

Keeping safety and reliability standards above water

Three Common Manual Utility LiDAR Classification Errors

Today’s AI/ML technology can not only help geospatial companies and utility divisions speed classification, but it can also significantly improve accuracy and consistency.

Recap: The Evolution of Digital Twins and Virtual Environments

How next generation digital twins are changing asset management and delivering benefits

Recap: LiDAR. Seriously, It’s Worth It.

For utilities, LiDAR scans of distribution infrastructure offer mission-critical insight that helps them optimize processes and mitigate risks network-wide.

Mitigate Flood Risk with a Digital Twin

For power utilities, digital twins can now create a 3-D model of the network to optimize investments, identify and mitigate risk, and streamline operations.

Get Ahead of Wildfires with a Digital Twin

The use of a highly accurate, interactive 3-D digital twin can remove a lot of the guesswork involved in planning for and responding to wildfires.

Grid Hardening for Storm Resiliency

Neara’s grid hardening solutions help utilities understand their whole network.

Hurricane Preparedness Utilizing a 3D Digital Twin

Neara’s platform delivers an end-to-end workflow for hurricane preparedness for utility companies.

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