Transmission Route Design Optimization


Transmission Route Design Optimization

60km of transmission line design and drawings completed in under two weeks, instead of eight.


A global engineering company was required to define a transmission line route in order to connect a renewable energy source – a solar farm – to the power grid.

The 60km transmission line route traversed complex terrain and needed to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Stringent clearance and easement regulations
  • Stringent derating factors to ensure the structural integrity of towers, components and cables
  • Navigate stakeholder boundaries
  • Optimize span length against requirements to optimize expenses


The engineering company would conduct their transmission route design and analysis with a process that was inflexible and slow and not suited for large projects.

The client required a detailed design and AutoCAD drawings of the entire route, compliant with all project requirements – completed in just four weeks.


Neara accelerates network engineering and digitization processes by automatically generating network models from geospatial data. LiDAR, DXF, GIS, and other data sources can be used to produce an engineering-grade 3D model of network assets.

Neara’s Design tools are cloud-based, enabling teams to share, collaborate, and iterate on designs effortlessly. The same design functionality can be accessed and leveraged anywhere.

Integrate all data types alongside transmission design.

Delivery Process

The engineering company utilized several features of Neara’s Design tools:

  • Full customization: Our client defined asset specifications, weather cases, LiDAR, clearance and structural loading requirements to develop a digital twin reflective of their design constraints.
  • Intuitive interface and design tools: AutoCAD drawings of stakeholder boundaries were overlaid to identify boundary clearances and determine the draft route.
  • Real-time calculations: Towers were placed at an initial separation of 300 metres using automated placement tools. Neara real-time engineering analysis immediately highlighted violations which allowed tower placements to be optimized for clearance and structural loading.
  • Cloud-based collaborations: AutoCAD drawings and construction schedules were automatically exported and shared with our client for review and construction. The digital model was also utilized for stakeholder communication.


Using Neara, the transmission line design and drawings were completed in under two weeks. The client’s previous software would have taken eight weeks to complete the exercise.

In addition, Neara enabled immediate problem identification, solution design and improved stakeholder engagement – resulting in further project efficiencies and cost savings.

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