Asset Health Management

Stress-test asset health with workflows that bring the same rigor and integrity as your field teams — at scale.

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You’re continually raising the bar on precision and scale in asset health analyses in your partners’ networks. An AI-driven digital network model is your ticket to raising your margins at the same time. Simulate any scenario based on hundreds of mechanical and environmental variables at network-wide scale to deliver a complete asset health diagnostic, leaving no pole, cross-arm, or cable untested and no question unanswered as you move from project to project.

  • Leave the per-circuit and pole-by-pole approach in the dust and bring the same attention to detail to analyzing thousands of poles at once so can stay ahead of utilities’ needs and your partners can move faster 
  • Underline your expertise by bringing unparalleled attention to detail at scale to every project — your thoroughness in the field is matched only by our technology’s granular modeling of every network nuance 
  • Incorporate geodata layers to ensure compliance with special consideration areas such as national parks and wildlife refuges in addition to any set of internal, governmental or industry regulations

Don’t let risks slip through the cracks

Deliver and execute intelligent maintenance operations

There’s GO95 and NESC standards. And then there’s increasingly unpredictable and severe weather events that can wreak havoc on utility assets at a moment’s notice with uneven impacts. Leveraging a digital network model means you can easily identify the conditions under which poles reach maximum utilization and when conductor clash risk is highest, in minutes, right from your desktop, with even more context than you’d get in the field. Simulate how pole load fluctuates when you swap in a taller one, add stays, and truncate the distance between poles — and how all of that will change in different deflection conditions, identifying the highest risk conditions for specific parts of utility networks.

Finite element analysis beyond just age

You know there’s much more to asset health than age. Ditch the blanket maintenance schedule logic and introduce utilities to a new diagnostic standard based on the most likely and impactful stressors for their assets. Calculate the stress on each individual pole in any scenario, incorporating span tension and length, attachments and weather factors such as wind, ice, and heat. Project the useful life of all assets and stage intelligent maintenance schedules so you and your utility partners can plan for today and tomorrow.

A holistic, just-in-time pole replacement strategy

Stand out from the crowd with a pinpoint recommendation about which poles need replacement and when — plus, a thorough downstream analysis to make sure your pole replacement guidance works well for the entire network and the unique challenges it faces, not just where the pole in question sits. Your digital network model arms you with data-backed direction about what to replace and when based on a thorough, scaled state-of-the art pole usage analysis. Analyze thousands of poles at once to flag which ones are failing and require placement, or nearing overload and require maintenance such as adding stays, modifying cross-arms or cable types. Justify your assessment with the analyses you conducted in just minutes and ensure your partners have the right equipment in place to keep power running smoothly.

GIS Normalization

You know that ‘garbage in’ leads to ‘garbage out.’ Stand behind high-integrity analyses based on a powerfully accurate network model that can correct even the most questionable GIS records. Ensure your asset health diagnostics account for every single asset in the field and protect your partners from undocumented assets. Neara’s model uses a proprietary topological fit function to surface and catalog your partners’ assets with unparalleled accuracy. When you’re operating with the full picture, you can rest assured that every analysis, every maintenance workflow, every recommendation and field trip is based on a 100% accurate model of your partners’ network assets.

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