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The project that became a company.

From small starts to big innovations

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What began as a casual conversation between our founder, Dan, and his wife turned into the company Neara is today.

The software she was using for her work to design power line infrastructure simply wasn’t up to the task. So Dan, our founder, decided to take on a new hobby and develop a web-based CAD tool “that did all the things one would need for utility power line design.”  The tool — as it took shape — started gaining attention.

That’s how it all started.

Dan’s direct interaction with customers began to open his eyes to what was actually needed in the industry.

It’s not like I was sitting at home, and I realized that the infrastructure industry needed a next level digital twin or something. It evolved over time.

Daniel Danilatos — Founder & CEO

Karam joined Dan next in articulating the industry’s challenges and need for resiliency.

There are massive challenges that the industry is facing in the future…how things might be operated and used in the future is going to be quite different. Our consumption patterns are going to be different, and the infrastructure fundamentally has to change.

Karamvir Singh – Chief Product Officer

And to round out the team was Jack, who looked at Neara’s broader place in the industry.

I think the role we play is to support the industry with their transition and to give them a platform that helps solve that broader industry journey…and helps them diffuse and mitigate against broader environmental challenges which obviously aren’t within their control.

Jack Curtis – Chief Commercial & Operations Officer

Throughout Neara’s journey, these founders have fostered a deep respect for infrastructure and safety.

The thing that really appeals to me is the impact. What we’re working on is critical infrastructure. It affects everyone, everywhere…and it’s the kind of thing you always take for granted.

Daniel Danilatos — Founder & CEO

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Hear the full story of how these three – Daniel Danilatos, Karamvir Singh, and Jack Curtis – joined together to form Neara in this podcast.


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Discover how Neara can bring you closer to your assets, environment and business.

The whole history of this company has been collaborating with customers to understand their needs.

Neara is a physics-enabled platform that builds 3D interactive models of critical infrastructure networks and assets, providing the ability to run real-world scenarios, assess current and future risk, and prioritize maintenance and disaster response.

We are focused on connecting industry knowledge and data with our digital twin technology to solve the complex problems facing infrastructure companies globally. We share our customers’ goals for safety and reliability, and are committed to their success by collaborating with them to realize sustainable value through our transformative solutions.

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Founded in 2016 as Power Lines Pro, our cloud-based platform delivers a true digital twin – leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to perform complex engineering-grade analysis automatically and at network scale.

Neara is utilized by utilities and engineers across the globe – from building resiliency against cascading pole failure in harsh New Zealand snowstorms; to designing new grid plans in the heart of South Africa – Neara has been configured and deployed to multiple international standards.

Our ambition is to serve a broad spectrum of critical infrastructure sectors, providing infrastructure owners and their stakeholder ecosystems access to an integrated platform that enables smarter design, deeper and faster analysis, and real-world impact. We are a high-growth SaaS company backed by some of the best investors in Australia, including Square Peg Capital and Skip Capital.


To empower global infrastructure customers by bringing them closer to their assets, environment, and business through innovative technology.


Change how the world designs, builds and operates critical infrastructure.

Values and Culture:


We believe that the best tools and solutions should be accessible to everyone. We are grounded, approachable, and transparent with our product and solutions.


We believe the greatest innovations and outcomes are born of collaborative ideation, creation, and execution. We collaborate as a team, within our industry, and with our customers.


We value facts, knowledge, and objectivity and embrace all available inputs. We keep the bar high internally and strive to create solutions that are accessible at all levels of our industry.


We operate as owners with autonomy and accountability for what we deliver and how we act. We invite discussion, seek feedback, and are respectful in disagreement.

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