Network Digitization

Don’t just visualize your network – put it to the test with a digital 3D model that behaves exactly like the real thing.

Unlock network-wide surveillance and double-click into any problem area to see exactly what needs attention — without a field visit.

The 3D digital network model mimics exactly how your assets respond to stimuli in their real-life environment complete with every nuance — from elevation geometry to guy wire placement. It’s your system of record for decision-making on everything from network design changes to grid hardening investments.

Implement network design changes

85% faster

How it works

Your digital network model is based on a powerful combination of LiDAR, GIS, satellite imagery and other data sources, enabling you to understand your network with unparalleled depth and accuracy. Simulate scenarios based on hundreds of environmental and mechanical variables and digitize enire workflows — from new network design to vegetation budget management and post-storm recovery.

Case Studies

AU utility with diverse terrain and >1M poles 

“Neara sets a new benchmark, not just for our business, but for the entire utilities industry”, said a member of the utility’s Digital Asset Management Team.

Neara helped the utility take a big step forward in its digitisation journey, serving as the unified digital record for their assets, asset management and risk assessment operations, and site inspections. The platform saved $5m in annual inspection spend within the first nine months of implementation.

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Reduce annual asset inspection spend by ~$5m

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85% more efficient network design build and modification

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