Dynamic Line Rating

Identify and remove blockers to securing supply and a decarbonized future

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Your lines are the lifeblood of your network — keep your operations in lock-step with the pressures your lines will endure, from daily wear and tear to severe weather and increasing demand for clean energy. Your digital network model acts as a single control panel, delivering situational awareness about line performance to keep lines functioning optimally in every scenario and keep operational costs in check.

  • Don’t wait for a demand spike or severe weather to handicap your line performance — count on your digital network model to do the legwork, simulate scenarios, and help you prepare in advance
  • Reduce operational costs to minimize the impact of loading issues on demand and consumer rates
  • Calibrate loading to respond to weather fluctuations and your decarbonization milestones

Power through increasing demand, extreme weather, and decarbonization milestones

Get more out of your distribution assets

Take your network performance to a whole new level with distribution line re-rating at scale. Ditch sweeping assumptions that curb potential and understand actual line ratings and limits at a span-by-span level. Your digital network model cumulatively identifies how much additional capacity you can safely unlock with your existing infrastructure. Execute more targeted, cost-effective design and maintenance operations with a clear understanding of your network’s weaknesses and potential.

Upgrade transmission capacity

Leverage ambient temperature, wind, and solar irradiation fluctuations to dynamically rate transmission lines and unlock more capacity across your existing assets. Use the incremental capacity to connect more renewable energy, and don’t let new transmission delays stand in the way of meeting your decarbonization goals. Operate cost-effective assets that are responsive to your network environment and optimize capacity based on fluctuations in supply and demand.

How much will my lines sag based on June’s average temps?

What happens if we see a 10% increase in demand this summer?

Which lines need to be checked first?

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