LiDAR & GIS Reconciliation

A complete picture of your network — pinpoint accurate so you can keep the power running smoothly and the record straight

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Your operations are only as strong as the data you rely on — inaccurately documented assets can create serious hazards that catch you off guard. Combining accurately classified LiDAR with your GIS records and other data sources generates a powerfully accurate network model. Confidently navigate everything from life-saving decisions to major grid hardening investments across every corner of your network.

  • Use LiDAR to identify and solve for GIS discrepancies – understand your network’s vulnerabilities, and find the best pathways to resilience and decarbonization
  • Understand more than just where your assets are located and remotely diagnose standard compliance issues
  • Reduce faults with data-driven decision-making across the entirety of your network, not just the well-documented parts

A blueprint to inform your most important decisions

Save your efforts for real-life risks, not data issues

Know your network like the back of your hand, and don’t let undocumented assets derail your carefully planned operations. Our model uses a proprietary topological fit function to identify and catalog unknown assets with unparalleled accuracy – it models asset distribution, proximity to topological variables, and logical characteristics such as asset type and purpose. Stay in control, and don’t let at-fault assertions throw a wrench in achieving your objectives.

A single source of truth to direct your operations

Remove unnecessary friction and keep your GIS records up to date. Using your network model, you’ll be able to sanity-check your GIS against high-quality LiDAR scans and other data sources, like satellite imagery and asset libraries. Avoid headaches from sending field crews out to the wrong locations – not to mention time and cost. Handle complexity with confidence, and upgrade paper processes with a clean, consistent source of truth.

Where in my network do I have undocumented assets?

Which of my undocumented assets represent fault risks?

What maintenance work marked outstanding has actually already been done?

Which assets need your attention?

Learn how to find out, fast.