The Energy Transition

And how we support it.

We’re tackling the toughest challenges in the rapidly evolving infrastructure industry.

As utilities support more renewable energy sources and increased demand for electricity, it amplifies the need to understand where their assets are, their health, and where they will pose a risk.

Neara performs risk mitigation and assessment at the asset and network level using an engineering-grade 3D digital model, providing smart analytics to prioritize maintenance and disaster response, improve safety, optimize operational efficiencies, and enforce environmental responsibility by lowering GHG through reduced field team activity and proactive equipment maintenance.

Prepare for the energy future.

Neara helps critical infrastructure safely transition to environmental sustainability in the face of changing climate and customer needs.

We work with utilities to ensure the systems used to deliver power to their consumers are also a model for safety, efficiency and environmental responsibility at the lowest cost. Leveraging Neara’s purpose-built, innovative technology can support utilities’ goals for ESG and sustainability.

Our commitment to making a positive impact

Be it environmental, social or sustainability goals, Neara’s technology supports utilities in making a positive impact in a number of ways – and continues to evolve.

Route Planning

Reduce environmental impact through line building via efficient routes.


Optimize vegetation management to improve safety and reduce unnecessary vegetation trimming.

Climate Events

Mitigate effects of floods, severe storms, extreme temperatures, etc. through data-driven, preemptive and prioritized maintenance.

Renewable Energy

Accelerate the assessment and connection of centralized renewable generation (large scale solar, wind) and distributed energy resources (EV chargers, roof-top solar).


Analysis at the finite asset and network level can identify areas of existing and potential risks that could cause wildfires.

Reliable Power

Mitigate factors that could cause outages, and restore power faster in the event of an outage through data-driven repairs and improved efficiency of field teams.


Improve safety and resiliency by proactively identifying and reducing risks across your network, ensuring safer operating conditions for both linemen and consumers.

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