Neara Partners with Southern California Edison to Enhance Wildfire Risk Mitigation


Neara’s AI-enabled simulation and analytics platform augments SCE’s ability to mitigate the effects of extreme weather via modeling network and vegetation risks.

Neara, the first infrastructure modeling platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create 3D, network-wide models for engineering-grade simulations and analytics, today announced a multi-year partnership with Southern California Edison (SCE). SCE — one of the largest electric utilities in the United States that serves 15 million people in Southern California — will leverage Neara’s dynamic AI capabilities across its 50,000-square-mile service area to enhance network analytics capabilities, wildfire risk mitigation, and vegetation management programs. SCE’s network profile joins the well over 1 million square miles and 8 million assets currently managed on the Neara platform to help identify specific locations across its service network where vegetation may pose a high risk to electrical equipment so they can prioritize and mitigate possible ignitions.

Neara’s enterprise-grade, 3D network modeling technology uses AI/ML to seamlessly aggregate utilities’ broad spectrum of data sources into one hyper-realistic digital simulation environment. Utilities can use the model to simulate how their assets will respond in the real world under multiple conditions based on hundreds of environmental and behavioral variables. These models help minimize network monitoring blind spots in stress-testing grid resilience and improving severe weather response while reducing reliance on manual field surveys. By combining data sources — such as LiDAR and satellite imagery — into Neara’s digital network model, SCE will be able to automatically discover and address potential issues before they become serious risks. This bolsters a core pillar of SCE’s network-wide safety and reliability strategy by leveraging automation and analytics to diagnose network risks.

“We are thrilled to partner with Southern California Edison, especially with their industry-leading digital innovation,” said Neara Chief Commercial Officer Jack Curtis. “Neara can meaningfully enhance SCE’s foremost risk-mitigation practices with increased scale, speed, and depth of analysis. Together, we are shaping a new paradigm for how utilities approach risk reduction. Our partnership with SCE represents our commitment to leading US efforts toward a safer and more sustainable future for everyone.”

About Neara

Neara is the most comprehensive 3D simulation and analytics platform for electricity network infrastructure. The platform’s AI functionality enables sophisticated analysis to understand how networks behave in real-world environments during any scenario — empowering grid operators to make highly accurate decisions. Neara’s predictive capabilities help mitigate high-risk exposure areas, combat the effects from climate change and extreme weather events, as well as accelerate renewable energy integrations by leveraging existing infrastructure. Spanning over 1 million square miles with more than 8 million assets, global utilities trust Neara’s platform to identify and reduce risks 9x faster, power critical decisions, diagnose asset performance, as well as drive seven-figure plus grid hardening investments without verification from manual field surveys. More information can be found at

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