Team and Third-Party Collaboration


Team and Third-Party Collaboration

Enabling cloud-based collaboration with Neara

The Neara Platform enables utilities to efficiently and easily create cloud-based 3D digital twin models of their entire network. The 3D model is auto-generated from existing company data, and can integrate with a broad spectrum of existing software platforms, utility systems, and processes.

With a customizable, editable, and evolving 3D model, the utility’s internal teams and third-party collaborators are able to share a dynamic primary source of information. Neara is cloud-based, delivering the same design and analysis capabilities on any computer at any location, enabling efficiencies. This improves communication and increases effectiveness across teams and organizations.

Collaborate from anywhere

As a cloud-based software solution, sharing and collaborating on workflows, reports, and dashboards is simple. Teams can share and iterate on designs and analysis as the same functionality can be accessed and leveraged anywhere.

View and manage third party access of network data

Third-party audits

The Neara platform can also be used to audit the work of third parties by comparing data post-operation with the specified plans. Neara’s software solutions can be utilized to ascertain whether the intended tasks were performed correctly and to identify any discrepancies in the data.

Customized exporting and reporting

The Neara Platform features customized exporting capabilities, to enable teams, even when using different platforms, to collaborate with ease and efficiency. From DXF profile and plan exports to KML, and reporting options like tip load, stringing tables, finite element analysis, and bill of materials, sharing information or exporting reports is effortless.

A digital twin can alleviate difficulties in communicating ideas or instructions between parties, whether internal, in the field, or a third party. The cloud-based Neara Platform enables greater collaboration from design and analysis through to exporting and reporting.


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