Maintaining Pole Compliance and Increasing Efficiencies


Maintaining Pole Compliance and Increasing Efficiencies

Ensuring compliance, safety, and reducing costs through data-driven designs and pole reductions.


A national distribution company lacked the software capabilities to calculate tip load forces on poles and conductor sag within their network. This resulted in an excessive number of poles being utilized to ensure they did not exceed load and clearance limits.


The client approached Neara to identify a solution that could meet strict network requirements.

They specified the limits and requirements regarding the number of conductors and the length of spans – under the assumption this would be sufficient to survive a range of environmental conditions.


Neara’s Design tools accelerate network engineering and digitization processes by automatically generating network models from geospatial data. LiDAR, DXF, GiS, and other data sources can be used to produce an engineering-grade 3D model of network assets.

With this software we were able to use the client’s existing pole, conductor and construction information, their survey data, plus Google Earth data where information was unavailable.

We conducted a comprehensive analysis of both greenfield and brownfield projects to identify proposed designs where the number of poles could be reduced, while still remaining within the client’s required limits.

Viewing network compliance alerts at a network-wide level

Delivery Process

In order to complete the project, the distribution company utilized the Neara Design Modules key features, including:

  • Full Customization: The client created libraries including design policy requirements such as specifications of conductors, cross arms, and constructions from which to model their lines.
  • Design Tools: An existing line was modeled and analyzed through the Neara Platform to highlight areas where they could reduce the number of poles.
  • Real-time Calculations: The proposed line was modeled and validated with our real-time analysis to determine the most efficient route.
  • Cloud-based Collaboration: The designs and reports were automatically exported and shared for review.

Inspecting per-span clearance along an urban circuit


The distribution company was able to immediately reduce the costs associated with creating new lines and modifying existing lines by reducing the number of poles required.

In addition, using Neara, the client was able to reduce the duration of their approval process for designs, as technical information was readily exported to approvers via our automated reporting tools.


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