10 Ways the Neara Platform is Better


We’re often asked what makes Neara different from other solutions out there. Here are 10 things you can do with Neara’s digital twin, and ten reasons why they could benefit your utility.

Module mitigation graphic

Network-Wide 3D Google-Earth-Like Viewer

What: View all network assets in a single 3D visualization. Zoom in to reveal extreme detail, zoom out to reveal massive network areas, and fly around freely.

Why: The ability to visually overlay data and analytics on a massive scale, and instantly zoom in and out, greatly accelerates operational and maintenance tasks.

Module vegetation

Vegetation Management: Cable Blow-Out + Zone Definition

What: Define the environment, see the consequences. Pick wind pressure, snow and ice build-up, line temperature, ambient temperature; then visualize the effects on the network.

Why: Conventional clearance zones are either too cautious or not cautious enough, resulting in wasted vegetation management spend or “hidden” risks. Neara lets you understand precisely where conductors can and can’t go.

Vegetation Management: Fall-In Arcs

What: Visualize the over-fall distance of every tree near lines. Calculate fall-in risk for the entire network.

Why: Know which lines really will strike trees, and which just look like it. Don’t cut what you don’t need. Inspect what really poses a risk!

Vegetation Management: Imagery Overlay + Temporal Analysis

What: Overlay captured imagery, Google street view, field imagery, and multiple years of LiDAR scans.

Why: Automatically audit vegetation management work after it’s completed. Not all trees that can fall   fall – identify which trees look unhealthy and avoid unnecessary field inspections.

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Network Changed? Just Edit the Model

What: Neara is a fully-fledged CAD platform, allowing any pole, span, or construction to be edited, modified, deleted, or created.

Why: A digital twin of reality is only useful if it keeps representing reality. Networks change. Immediately represent those changes in the digital model without having to re-capture LiDAR.

Structural module graphic

FEA: General

What: Perform Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on a network-wide scale. FEA is an engineering-grade technique for calculating strain and stress on all asset components like poles, spans, cross-arms, insulators, pins, braces and more.

Why: Understand the stress and tension on every network asset, and use that information to detect hidden risks, prioritize replacement, evaluate which poles are at capacity and which can safely carry more equipment.

FEA: Cascading Pole Failure

What: Detect where multi-pole failure can occur across a network. Cascading pole failure occurs when one pole or span’s failure results in an extreme change in tension for adjacent structures, resulting in more structural failures.

Why: Cascading pole failure is a catastrophic event for utilities. This is just one of the many “hidden structural risk” detection methods that Neara can employ to detect where your network is exposed.

Everything is a Formula — Expand in Any Way Imaginable

What: Everything above is defined by formulas that you can edit as you see fit. Neara provides the starting point and necessary training; the utility and its users are ultimately in control.

Why: We want you to take control of your own analysis and network models. Neara’s formulas can be edited to your current specifications, and iterated to evolve as business priorities and safety policies change.

Module attachments

Classify LiDAR Automatically

What: Neara’s auto-classification AI converts raw LiDAR into a classified point cloud at blistering speeds with extremely high accuracy.

Why: LiDAR is a highly-versatile, high-accuracy source of spatial information for utilities. Don’t be held back by slow turnaround times and expensive manual classification companies. We do it faster, cheaper.

Dashboards for Everyone

What: After the analysis is done, highly-customizable dashboards can be set-up and safely shared with specific users, the whole organization, external contractors, or even the general public.

Why: Analysis isn’t useful if it isn’t being used. Neara provides the tools necessary to build simple, easy-to-use dashboards to share analysis with those that want to use it. Dashboards automatically update as new data is published.

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