Green Energy Transition for Utilities with Neara


Green Energy Transition for Utilities with Neara

As utilities support more renewable energy sources, it amplifies the need to understand where their assets are, their health, and where they will pose a risk. Utilities are consistently spending an abundance of money to try to mitigate these factors, but have not found a true alternative to eliminate all of this spending.

Utilities are looking for solutions that will help lower some of these costs by producing a more efficient overall workflow. Some of these factors associated with renewable energy for utilities include, but are not limited to, cutting down on GHG levels and proactive maintenance. At Neara, our solution enables utilities to address these factors through the use of an interactive model of your entire network.

Innovative Solutions…

Neara is a platform that performs risk mitigation and assessment at the asset and network level using an engineering-grade 3D digital model, providing smart analytics to:

  • prioritize maintenance and disaster response
  • improve safety
  • optimize operational efficiencies, and
  • enforce environmental responsibility by lowering GHG through reduced field team activity and proactive equipment maintenance.

Our Platform auto-generates a digital twin model using existing LiDAR data. From this information, we validate and supplement asset records, perform system wide vegetation management, engineering analysis, and overlay the network with weather or fire risk layers to identify damaged or at-risk assets. This digital representation of the network is used to accurately model what is in the field, plan site visits, and ultimately reduce the number of unnecessary field visits for vegetation clean up or asset maintenance. And thus, it can help utilities deliver on key objectives like environment responsibility and GHG reduction.

…for Vegetation Management

Vegetation management is another factor that needs to be considered when prioritizing green energy.  Our platform enables utilities to mitigate the risk of grow in and fall in to minimize the potential for outage and associated risks/impacts.

This results in reducing the amount of trips to the field and more time spent on mitigating these future risks. It also ensures minimal disruption to the surrounding environment from necessary vegetation works by precisely simulating the full range of cable and pole movement. All of this can help lead to a reduction to carbon footprint.

…for Extreme Weather

Extreme weather conditions are always a challenge that utilities are faced with when designing their grid. Our platform allows utilities to simulate weather scenarios like hurricanes and floods across the entire network to identify points of failure by area or assets.

It also allows them to prepare for extreme weather by enabling data-driven grid hardening. As a result, this allows utilities to restore power faster to communities and optimize SAIDI & SAIFI.

Here at Neara, we work with customers to ensure the systems used to deliver power to their consumers are also a model for efficiency and environmental responsibility. Leveraging Neara’s innovative technology can help utilities prepare for the energy future.


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