Hurricane Preparedness Utilizing a 3D Digital Twin


Hurricane Preparedness for Utilities Using a 3D Digital Twin

A digital flood simulation across a network model. Conductors and poles colored according to water-level

Hurricane planning and preparedness is a significant component of minimizing safety hazards in our communities. Neara’s platform delivers an end-to-end workflow for hurricane preparedness for utility companies.

Once an engineering grade digital twin of your utility network is created within the Neara Platform, proactive hurricane risk mitigation can begin. Neara can model conditions associated with extreme weather to simulate vegetation blowout, pole loading, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), and cascading pole failure. Assets missing from your network are identified, and outside data sources such as wind blocking landforms, soil types, and powerline immediate surroundings are documented. This process can be broken down into pre-event planning, mid-event response, and post-event recovery.

Pre-Event Planning

A high-wind environmental simulation, highlighting vegetation areas at risk of contact with conductors

Perform predictive analysis to identify risks to the network before an event occurs.

Neara enables vegetation rules to be applied rapidly across the entire network, identifying infractions and possible risks. Every asset in the network is modeled to the standard of premiere CAD engineering software, meaning it can accurately simulate the effects of extreme winds and temperatures.

The realistic physics-enabled digital twin allows blowout conditions to be modeled, finding where infractions may occur in different storm conditions, and can identify risk in both high wind hurricanes and small-scale storm planning. This platform can perform quick and accurate structural calculations such as pole loading, FEA, bending of cross-arms, and tension on lines across the network.

During the Event

Flood simulation modeling. The flood height is found using live water level sensors along nearby rivers

Gather information in one place during extreme weather events to provide safety to those affected.

Neara dashboards are dynamic, easy to use and make it simple to communicate between teams. Planning and communicating internally can be achieved by aggregating information in one location for all stakeholders to access and overlaying new data as it becomes available to track progress as hurricanes unfold.

High-fidelity flood modeling can also be used to identify risk areas in heavy rain. By accurately tracking the progress of a storm in a single location, Neara centralizes information for ease-of-access.

Post Event

A network-wide model with spans colorized according to extreme weather vulnerability

Monitor and upgrade your network after an event to prepare for future seasons and disasters.

Neara’s in-depth Design Modules can provide scalable overhead and underground designs that can be updated 30 times faster than traditional software. New LiDAR can be quickly ingested into your real-life accurate digital twin with rapid auto-classification.

Utilize these capabilities to propose new lines or model existing lines when changes need to be made after an extreme weather event. Incoming vegetation and inspection risk calculations can be automatically applied as new data is added to your model.

When talking about hurricane preparedness for electric utilities, the unique and innovative features in the Neara Platform provide not only increased efficiency and accuracy, but also helps to prepare communities for emergencies. Disasters happen, but by capitalizing on the modern technology available to us, we can mitigate the negative impacts and provide safety to the affected communities.

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