Grid Hardening for Storm Resiliency


Grid Hardening for Storm Resiliency

Model, Assess, and Determine Storm Resilience Initiatives

Neara’s platform creates 3D digital twins of utility networks. We take your already existing LiDAR, GIS and high definition imagery and combine these to automatically generate an engineering grade, physics enabled model that mirrors real life conditions. With this model, utilities are able to perform a broad spectrum of asset management calculations.

One powerful use case for the digital model is the ability for energy utilities to identify, assess, and rectify weaknesses in their grid and storm resilience initiatives.

Simulate multiple scenarios and environmental conditions

The digital twin enables utilities to simulate multiple scenarios and analyze the impact of extreme weather events on both an individual asset or whole-of-network scale with engineering-grade accuracy. 

Utilities can input different wind speeds, temperatures and conditions to identify poles at risk of failure, highlighting them to the user. The Neara platform provides extensive customizable reporting options which can be used to prioritize areas by risk level. This enables grid hardening teams to actually target the assets that require replacement or maintenance and elevate or add them in existing work plans to mitigate potential risks.

Model and determine solutions within the existing network

With the Neara platform, utilities can edit the existing network model, adding, removing, or changing components, then instantly simulate how those changes will affect overall structural integrity. Proposed solutions or potential hardening projects can be assessed and tested virtually to determine the best solution prior to field operations or site visits. 

The outputs of the modeling exercises can be translated into actions and tasks. Neara can integrate with external task management platforms, or export reports in any major tabular or spreadsheet format.

A Neara dashboard presenting various risk exposure metrics across a large network area

Make data-driven decisions and collaborate with ease

With the insights provided from the simulations, the utility is empowered to make efficient, data-driven decisions regarding its resiliency operations. This may include: 

  • Prioritize which poles and cross-arms should be replaced by calculating tensions, stresses, and overall remaining capacity for every component in the network 
  • Understand how the network will respond to a “worst-case scenario” weather event using overlaid wind and temperature simulation data
  • Know, during an extreme weather event, which assets may be affected, and precisely which components will require checking and potential

As a cloud-based software solution, Neara allows teams to share and collaborate in real-time, ensuring all tools and insights are accessible from anywhere. 

Neara’s highly-accurate, network-wide loading and stress analysis, along with its ability to overlay and combine datasets of cost, risk, consequence, historic events, and weather, empowers utilities to proactively build resiliency, promote operations safety and protect their network from the elements.

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